Lighthouse Presents Mission Deep Sea

FREE Summer Camp 2023

Camp at Lighthouse is safe and super fun.

Camp is a yearly summer event in Silver Springs at the Lighthouse Church on Ramsey Weeks Cutoff. This year we’ll meet for 4 awesome days of learning and fun.

VBS is a free volunteer run camp. Making new friends, activities, arts & crafts, and inspirational huddles will make this a memorable time for kids.

Deep Sea

This we’ll be explore the Deep Sea theme and learn how to join God’s team.

Each day Kids will enjoy engaging huddle time with Pastor Sam and the crew, inspiring song time, life lessons, crafting, Bible Story Adventures, and eating together. That’s right lunch is included!

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Camp is for ages 2 to 12.

We have a special program for Preschool age kids with hybrid activities geared toward younger ages and older kids are welcome to volunteer as Junior Crew leaders. Go ahead and register them as a participant, but message us if they are interested in volunteering.

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As we get ready for another awesome year, we are reminded that we cannot do it without our volunteers. We want to thank you for choosing to give your time to the kids or our community. You are making a difference in these kids’ lives!

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